Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 11: Olive Oil

I thought about this item long and hard on Saturday...and then didn't get around to posting it. Ah well!

I don't like olives. And I much prefer corn oil for cooking. But that being said, olive oil certainly has its place, especially in Italian dishes. For me it seems to make more "taste sense". I often use it when making pizza or pasta recipes.

I am always envious of my fellow diners when I go to a nice, often Italian restaurant and they provide a basket of bread and olive oil. I've never successfully remembered to bring my own bread in advance.

Only one time did I go to a gluten-free friendly restaurant (prior to the yeast diagnosis) in New York City, that had gluten-free bread that I could use. They warmed it in the back and brought it out and felt a bit like a queen. It was heavenly.

And because I only visit NYC once every 2-3 years, I can't tell you the name of the restaurant. I wish I remembered it. Actually, I may be able to find it online (you can find everything on line these days).

[pause while katie goes searching]

No luck for sure. It could have been Sambuca (, but I wouldn't swear by that. They do have a gluten-free menu and it is a nice Italian restaurant.

In searching for my gf olive oil dipping source, I found a great resource: the Celiac Handbook blog. It's got a great list of GF restaurant options in New York city.

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