Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stuff You Should Know Podcast

My sister rocks! See my sister to the right! --> OK, maybe not, but since my dog is me, I figured hers could be her!!

Anyway, C. is always on the look out for me for gluten-related items. She's also a big podcast fan, especially of the "How Stuff Works" podcast called "Stuff You Should Know." Today, her interests happily combined.

Today's "Stuff You Should Know" podcast was titled: SHOULD YOU NOT EAT GLUTEN?

YAY! I'm always fascinated by articles, reports, etc. on gluten, and especially the history of gluten allergies. I'm really looking forward to 29 minutes of intellectual, GF yummies.

You can download the podcast through iTunes. It's free!

However, if you don't have iTunes, I will see if I can embed it here.

Side Note here: Do you know that you cannot upload anything but images to the free blogs on blogspot?! How useless is that! I'm going to host the file elsewhere and embed. But maybe it's time to change my blogging platform. Geez.

Give it a second to load the embedded audio player!

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